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An Early American Educational Experience

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K-8 Private School

Freedom Academy is a K-8 private school which began with the 2007-2008 school year. Families work with a Learning Consultant to define a educational strategy for each student, identify helpful resources for achieving the educational strategy, and monitor progress under the educational strategy with regular team meetings.  In addition, Freedom Academy families will meet as a group on a monthly basis for discussions and group projects.

  Freedom Academy expanded to a K-12 private school in the fall of 2008.


The Freedom Academy allows families to:

  •  Work with a learning consultant.  The learning consultant can provide suggested approaches and resources based on his experience and the Freedom Academyís resource library.  The learning consultant provides a viewpoint for observing and assessing the studentís educational progress, and assists in developing a portfolio or transcript in the upper grades.
  • Work with other students on collaborative, student-initiated projects.
  • Meet the needs of their individual students, through participation in a private school program.

Admissions Proceedure

Families apply for admission to the Freedom Academy, and schedule an admission interview.  There is a nonrefundable $25 application fee. At the interview the lead Learning Consultant assesses whether the studentís and familyís needs can be appropriately met through the Freedom Academy program.  If accepted for admission, the family will:

  • Choose a Learning Consultant from a panel of available Learning Consultants.
  • Choose a payment plan

Program Operations

The Learning Consultant will meet with each learner/facilitator team at the beginning of the year to develop and document an educational strategy for the year.  The educational strategy will be the basis for periodic meetings with the Learning Consultant.

The precise role of the Learning Consultant will vary depending on the needs and preferences of each core team.  At a minimum, the Learning Consultant will: 

  • Check in with the learner and the facilitating educator to monitor progress under the educational strategy.
  • Encourage the facilitating educator and learner to document their observations on learning.
  • Maintain official school records for each learner, and
  • Write an end-of-year summary report for each learner.

The Learning Consultant may also recommend resources, provide information on learning approaches and styles, help plan leaning projects, help build a portfolio or transcript, and help assess the learnerís progress.


One-time application fee: $25 per family, nonrefundable.

Tuition is per family. Tuition is $150 for the school year paid in advance. $170 for the year, at $85 per semester, due in September and February.  $180 per 9 month school year if paid ($20 monthly) by the 5th of the month. 

General Information List 

If you're contemplating participation in Freedom Academy, use the contact us form and ask specific questions or join our email list where you can ask questions and find out when and where our next informational meetings are held. Joining the list does not require any committment other than following standard list rules of courtesy.


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