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An Early American Educational Experience

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Our school has over 60 Years of Educational Experience.
Our mission is to help families with the educational journey of their children.

Pam Owens, Principal

A retired educator, Pam has over 30 years of experience in home education. A mother of 5, Pam home schooled her two babies from birth to college.  Her expertise is in educating children with learning disabilities, giving teenagers a chance to start over educationally and using the Boy Scouting and Young Women’s programs to create a high school curriculum.

Formerly, she was a facilitator for an umbrella school in Ventura County, CA. and took the concept to a small public school district, creating a charter program that offers educational materials and classes for home schoolers using their tax dollars to their advantage.

She retired in June 2005 when she moved to Monmouth Oregon to be closer to her children and grandchildren.  Pam is the Principal of our school and a Learning Advisor.

Ann Agent, Director

An advocate for literacy, Ann is passionate in facilitating educational opportunities for learners. She was President of a Pre-school Co-op in Chicago coordinating its parent workshops, fund-raising, advertising and business management as well as supervising classroom teachers.  She has been running a home school association since 2003 helping families network, arranging field trips and organizing their annual conference.  

She has mentored youth in the printing industry, having formely worked for 15 years in graphic production with various companies such as working as a graphic designer for a manufacturing firm or as an Art Director/Production Manager for a weekly trade publication in Chicago. Having learned to read at age 3, Ann finds her greatest learning memories were those weekly bike rides to the library returning home with her baskets full of books. She handles our administrative needs, website and is also a Learning Advisor.

Dr Larry Arnoldsen, Advisor

Dr Arnoldesn has been a public school and junior college teacher, a university professor (BYU 1969-98), and an educational advisor to public and private schools. He has done extensive research on the history of education from ancient times to the present, including the rise of home schooling today. 

His doctorate is on the history, philosophy and administration of colleges and universities.  He has written numerous articles for various professional educational publications, home school newsletters, and has spoken at a variety of educational conferences both professional and home schooling.  He taught courses on home schooling at the University level, considered the first in the nation to be so offered.

Dr Arnoldsen's materials have inspired students and parents in promoting the individualized, learner-driven process of education that Freedom Academy is supporting.   

Every child is different, therefore the educational work they do must meet
their own developmental individuality rather than limiting them to standardized norms.


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