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Leadership Education:
Here's a few ways to learn more about it.


A Thomas Jefferson Education:
Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty First Century

"We have known for a long time that it was the extraordinary, far-reaching vision of America's founding fathers that produced the freest and most powerful nation on earth. What we have not understood, however, is the rigorous educational experience that gave them such remarkable vision.

The loss of that knoweldge poses a clear and present danger to our generation, because liberty cannot perpetuate itself. A Thomas Jefferson Education tells us how to see, in our own day, exactly what the founders saw, and thus how to safeguard and build upon what they created. It's not a quick or painless prescription, and Oliver DeMille doesn't sugarcoat it. But he does show us, honestly and authoritatively, the price we must pay to remain a free people. If you are willing to find out what that blessing will cost you and your children, read this book." 

--Andrew M Allison,
Jefferson biographer, author of The Real Thomas Jefferson.

The book pictured above, A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty First Century* is available in the Washington County Library and Fort Vancouver Regional Library systems. ( Library lists Multiple holds. We have a few copies available on sale $20  contact us page to get your copy today!)

There are many who have only read the book -- its a  brief introduction to the larger picture of Leadership Education. Mr. Allison mentioned "the rigorous educational experience " however, how can a generation who were not mentored in the classics, mentor their own to the level our founders were? Find out how by attending the Face to Face with Greatness Seminars. Learn about the Seminars by attending an Info Meeting listed below. 

Additional Books by Oliver DeMille:

Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning+ 
(NOW available in Wash Co Library circulation!!!)

This book continues where the first book leaves off. It goes in depth discussing the various experts on education, historical and modern for a look at the complete picture of the principles and processes of education. Finally someone has put all the pieces together!

Seeing them side by side is powerful. For a rigorous education to be done well, one cannot put all their eggs in one basket. This book helps you to see the big picture and how to use each piece in the way it was meant to be used.  Its the piecing together of the giant jigsaw puzzle of education -- a "renaisance" in education by putting things back into perspective and put to good use.  You will use this book throughout your lifetime, not only while educating children, but also in looking inwardly at steering your own lifetime of learning!

For a Limited time only $20 (Reg $26.95)
To order a copy please fill out the contact form  



A Thomas Jefferson Education: Home Companion  +
We highly recommend you read Leadership Education, prior to this title, because LE gives a much deeper explanation of the phases in relation to childhood development alongside educational experts and the history of education.

This book is referenced and discussed at Seminar #2 Great Mentoring.

Freedom Academy suggests the "Home Companion" is like a cookbook by giving examples of what various families have done to implement Leadership Education in their own home, its a reference and does not recommend to do everything it suggests.

*  Required Reading for Seminar #1  
+ Required Reading for Seminar #2 

Free Information Workshops -- dates & locations

Today's political, economic, and social challenges are no less daunting than those of past generations. Governments, businesses, schools, churches and other institutions worldwide need men and women of high moral character, sound intellectual understanding, and principled action to lead the way. But where will these statesmen be found?

Leadership education is changing the face of education in our country. Teachers, parents and students in the United States and abroad are implementing leadership minded principles and raising the bar of leadership worldwide.

Do you sense that your education was not sufficient to prepare you for life’s greatest challenges? Do you wonder how to prepare your children or students for America’s 21st Century crises? Do you want to introduce your children or students to the classics? Do you want your children or students to know how to think for themselves and be leaders in their chosen fields? Do you want to be a more effective and inspiring mentor?

If this is the first you've heard about TJEd, we are providing an opportunity to learn more about Leadership Education, at our Info Meetings open to all througout the Greater Portland and SW Washington Metro Region. .

Upcoming Info Meetings

Throughout the Summer months we have presented the Introduction to Leadership Education at a variety of Park Days all over the Greater Portland Metro Region. For the Fall we are preparing a second workshop Comparing Types of Classical Education will show where Leadership Education fits in. Dates and locations to be announced soon -- watch this page for details.

We are happy to come to your group and present either our Introduction Meeting or the Compare & Contrast of Classical Education. Please use the Contact Us page to submit your request.

See an overview of Thomas Jefferson Education

Face to Face Seminars:

To be effective as a teacher requires training to learn new skills and refine old ones. Worthwhile training requires more than a simple one hour workshop but rather involves an intensive 2 day environment where there are lectures but also simulations, and group discussions.

Many professionals pay large sums of money for specialized training in their given field. Parents often feel inadequate to fully realize the desire to teach their own or feel perplexed because they feel they are unsure how to mentor their children.  An affordable solution (even greater value with early registration) has been developed by Touchstone R.E., George Wythe University and your local host by offering an opportunity to experience first hand the methods used in Leadership Education with the Face to Face Seminars.

#2 TJEd Revisited: You, not Them September 25-26, 2009  (Accepting Registrations Now!)

Seminar Schedule:  (each day includes 1h 30 min lunch break)
Friday: 8:30 am - 5:15pm,
Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm.

To learn more about the Seminars offered in the Portland Metro Region, see the Seminar page or click this link for details.

TJEd_OR Yahoo Group

The discussion group is growing network of those in Oregon and SW Washington who are working to follow TJEd principles. The list provides a place to ask questions, share insights and for community groups to post their meeting dates and topics. People are encouraged to join and participate in the various discussions taking place on the list. 

Click here to join the TJEd_OR Discussion List  


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